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about IMMO and keys programming:

1- you will need to get the write key and the correct transponder chip type.


2- you should get a key transponder programmer like Tango Prog or Zed Bull, by this tool you will be able to write an immage to your key transponder chip, also you will write the key data to the key transponder chip, it has other functions and some tools like reading key data and some PIN calculators but they don't support much car makes for reading key data and PIN code


3- So you will need some additional software to read key data and PIN code to support more car then you will be able to write the key data to the key transponder chip with the above mentioned programmer.


4- you will need to a key programmer like AD100, T300, or Silica key programming tool,, by this tool you will be able to learn (match) the prepared key to the car IMMO and ECU or dashboard, depending on the car make/model.


5- to do key learning the car will ask to enter the PIN code.


6- so you will need some PIN code calculators software.


7= In-case if your tools and software don't cover one of the cars makes, models, then you will need IMMO OFF solution to start the car with any key.


8- So you will need some good IMMO Off Software and ECU virginizer to turn immo off and start the car with any key


9- to do immo off you should know where immo file is stored (in ECU EEPROM or flah) (in dashboard) (in IMMO Box) or in (body or comfort Module).


10- if IMMO file stored in an EEPROM, then you will be able to read the immo file with one of the above mentioned programmer or by any serial programmer like x-prog.,,, but if the immo file stored in ECU flash file, then you will need to read or write the IMMO file by a flashing tool such as Galletto or kess2,


11- after reading the IMMO file (EEPROM or Flash) use one of our IMMO OFF software to turn IMMO OFF on the IMMO bin file, then save the immo off file and write it back to the EEPROM by your serial programmer or to the ECU with the flashing tool as mentioned above.


we offer you our PIN code + Key data generator + IMMO OFF and ECU virginize software recommendation to work together side by side with your hardware tools to support the maximum possible car makes/models this will increase your business size

Find here many useful IMMO programming software:
- PIN Reader by Dump or from VIN#
- ECU Decoding and IMMO OFF software
- EGR, DPF, lambda cat Remover



Shopify Store: OBDbytes@Chiptuning001

please use the below download link to download our Catalogs





- Download IMMO Programming Software Catalog.

- Download IMMO OFF Software Recommended Package

-Download IMMO Recommandation

- Download PIN Code Calculators Software Catalog.


- Download PIN + Key Data Generator Software Recommended Package.

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We accept single file processing for mileage correction, IMMO OFF, EGR DPF DTC Removing, SRS Reset,

E-Mail us your file with its details such as car make/model/year, module part number and EEPROM or MCU part number and tell us what exactly would you like to do in your file, we will then reply to you with the cost and if the solution is available or not.

E-Mail to : allobp@yahoo.com

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