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About our Missing Return/Refund Policy:

Please note you are buying a digital (virtual Products) you will get download links for your order once we confirm your payment confirmation.


Review your order contents and description very well before making payment and refer to us with any questions before your purchase.

you can get refund in only one case, that you have gotten software or files and we failed to download and install and running it via teamviewer in case if you can't do it yourself, so we have to confirm the problem via teamviewer and Remote Technical support

if we failed to remotely solve your problems then we will refund you via PayPal immediately.

Please note: we don't sell any hardware tools need physical shipping, and we are not responsible about any problems you may got with the hardware tools that you will use with our software packages, in this case we will not define drivers or supply new drivers for hardware...etc. our mission ends up at finishing the software installation and running it, for hardware problems, please refer to your Hardware tool's Seller.

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