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VAG Important Diagnostic + Reprogramming + Coding + Tuning Important Software Tools

Here is some important VAG Software:

1- VAG (Software + Projects) for Diagnostic + Programming + Coding + Flashing functions even more powerful than VAG ODIS Service ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2- VAG Pass Thru Flashing Tool ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3- Customization Settings for VAG ME7xx pass thru or by dump tools, IMMO Functions are present. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4- MED9.X LAUNCH CONTROL for tuning VAG ECU For VAG 2.0L TFSI MED9 WITH PROC MPC562 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5- Audi Dash + IMMO Editor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6- VAG Dash and IMMO Cloning and coding dump tool ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact us if you are interested !! Best Regards. OBDbytes. allobp@yahoo.com

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